This is the story ofA Journey

It began with a simple step. Slow and cautious at first but determined about conquering the road ahead. The path it took revealed its purpose: it was about seeking challenges, seizing initiative, exploring opportunities and pressing ahead with clear strategies and goals to be accomplished.

This is a story that narrates the processes that crowned every accomplishment. It celebrates the power of single-minded determination to succeed against all odds.

Footprints on the sand are not made by 


Dadabhai Group began its journey as a modest trading house more than fifty years ago in the Kingdom of Bahrain. With a firm belief in our ability to achieve higher we started to venture into unknown territories. New business opportunities opened up and inspired us to diversify. Bahrain’s economic environment turned vibrant and compelled us to capitalise on the changing market dynamic while satisfying our rapidly increasing customer base became the motivating factor for all our efforts.

These transformed landscapes shaped the direction of our business strategies. They became the gateway to our success, and the doorways to our growth. Accomplishing unparallel benchmarks in our endeavors, we continually look at future expansions with great optimism and anticipation.


Mohammed Dadabhai